A Letter From Baltimore Blast Owner Ed Hale

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    1. John,

      We are looking to start end of January or beginning of Feb. All depends on the County Executive and the Governors office. Once we have a confirmed schedule we will let everyone know right away. Thanks for the question. Have a great Holiday and we look forward to seeing you at the games this season.

    1. John,

      Sorry for the delay in getting back with you as I have been in quarantine. There will be a season. Right now looks like a February start date. Once we have a our schedule we will definitely announce and post it.

    1. February start upon Government approval to allow fans ion the building. Once we have more details we will let everyone know.

    1. February. Once we have more concrete details we will share with everyone. There will be a season though. February to May. We fully plan on playing all 24 games and playoffs.

  1. mark thanks for your response.so happy with your news that there will be a season.and that blast will be playing.so happy for the positive news.when do you think things will be finalized.mark you and your family have a great christmas.God Bless!

  2. Mark so this year 2021 the season will run Feb to May. what happens for 2022. will the season be Feb to May or will 2022 run starting November 2021 till March 2022. i sure appreciate your input and updates.i am so thankful we will have a full 24 game season startng in Feb..please keep up the updates

  3. So have the Politicians given their official OKAY so the season can start in Feb. Will the season start the First week in February

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